Disadvantages of Club Mahindra Membership – Is It Worth It?

Disadvantages of Club Mahindra Membership – Is It Worth It?

So if you are searching or looking for the disadvantages of club mahindra membership then do not worry you are the perfect place right now.

Well in this blog we are going to cover in-depth the disadvantages of club mahindra membership also we will give you our bonus tip or suggestion. Now what you have to do is just read the article very smoothly till the end.

A Club Mahindra membership used to be one of the best deals in the travel industry, but recent years have seen them jack up their prices. Is it still worth paying an annual fee? This article breaks down the Club Mahindra membership’s pros and cons, so you can make an informed decision about whether or not it’s right for you.

Let’s Start with root or Fundamental. in the end, I will tell you my personal experience too.

What is Club Mahindra Membership?

Club Mahindra is a chain of resorts in India. it is a way to enjoy more benefits and privileges at the Club Mahindra Resorts. it is an exclusive membership plan that offers a host of benefits to its members. It offers a wide range of benefits that are not available to the general public.

Club Mahindra Membership will allow you to enjoy more privileges at Club Mahindra Resorts. You will be able to enjoy extra benefits that are not available to the general public.

The membership provides access to all Club Mahindra resorts across India and gives members discounts on food, drinks, and other services offered by Club Mahindra hotels in India.

The membership also offers access to other benefits such as complimentary airport transfers, priority check-in at airports, complimentary breakfast for two adults per stay at any Club Mahindra property, and more.

Before We Start Talking about the Disadvantages of Club Mahindra Membership. Let’s Talk about Prices, Benefits, services, etc.

Benefits of having club Mahindra Membership

Membership to the Club Mahindra gives you access to a number of amenities that are not available at some other hotels. Some of these include a private beach, an 18-hole golf course, and a spa.

The Club Mahindra membership is ideal for those who want to be free from the hassle of booking rooms for themselves and their family. In addition, it is also perfect for those who want to enjoy the facilities that are exclusive to members only such as private pools and beach access.

  • Club Mahindra also offers a complimentary membership for children aged 3-17 years old called Junior Club Mahindra.
  • This includes a wide range of facilities and services.
  • You can Easily Plan or book your trip
  • No risk of fluctuating hotels

Note: These all Points are claimed by Club Mahindra. Do you think these really work well? Don’t Worry will going to discuss the same.

They Provide 4 types of membership plans.

1. Club Mahindra Purple Season Membership

New Year’s or Diwali are the only holidays some people celebrate during long weekends. Those who are among them should consider the Club Mahindra Purple Season Membership. This Membership plan is Totally suitable for those people.

2. Club Mahindra Red Season Membership

When you are a Red member, you can travel during peak seasons such as summer vacations and Diwali school vacations. Your family can explore Club Mahindra’s 100+ resorts together, knowing there is so much to see and do when you’re there.

3. Club Mahindra White Season Membership

Taking a vacation before or after peak season is made easier with the Club Mahindra White Season Membership. This membership is perfect if you want to avoid crowded times like summer school holidays.

4. Club Mahindra Blue Season Membership

Blue season memberships are designed for those who would like to travel off-peak seasons and see the other side of a destination, such as Goa in the monsoon season or Himachal in winter. You can start your journey of magical holidays with a Club Mahindra Blue Season Membership.

FeeIt Depends on the type of Membership. Roughly it would be around 80000 INR
Hotels AvailabilityAll India
EmiAvailable. at 8% interest

Now, Let’s discuss the Disadvantages of Club Mahindra Membership

Before we start talking about the Disadvantages of Club Mahindra Membership. Let me tell you something. whatever we writing it is depend on total research on the Internet and our analysis. We have also collected some reviews from different digital media and forum websites.

Disadvantages of Club Mahindra Membership
Disadvantages of Club Mahindra Membership

Maintenance Fees

Even after purchasing a membership of club Mahindra, you have to pay annual maintenance charges. which is around 20000 INR. if you do not pay then there is no holiday available.

So according to my point of view, this is really rubbish. why should we pay for annual maintenance when we are buying a membership plan?

Disadvantages of Club Mahindra Membership
Disadvantages of Club Mahindra Membership

Difficult to Cancel

You can not cancel their membership. You can either transfer or utilize and write off the bad debt value. The last option is only a court case if you have not utilized it at all. this is really ridiculous.

They have 10 days rescission policy as of now.

Not All Locations Are Equal

It is not possible to purchase anything in their resorts except at their own rates, as they are all located outside of cities. Rather than charging you 1000 rupees for the taxi, they charge you 2500 rupees.

So if buy anything from their resorts you have to pay a high amount of money. It’s Like Majburi ka fayda uthana.

Disadvantages of Club Mahindra Membership

My Experience

  • Club Mahindra does not give priority to members over non-members when it comes to spending our holidays there. There were two couples from Mumbai who filed suit against Club Mahindra for this reason, and they won.
  • You have to annual maintenance charge if you are a member too.
  • The rates of their resort are really high. they sell everything at their own rates.

On The basis of these conditions, I would not recommend club Mahindra membership or any club.

if you have enough money to waste then contact them they will welcome you very smoothly.

Disadvantages of Club Mahindra Membership

What are the disadvantages of club mahindra membership?

First of all, Annual maintenance charges are really ridiculous.
second, it is Difficult to Cancel third, and third is the rates of their resort are high as the compared market rate.


This Program or Membership plan is for those people who have a lot of money. they don’t care about money. but it is not for people like me. I care about my money. I care about hospitality (which they are not providing).

In conclusion, while Club Mahindra offers many benefits, there are also some potential downsides to consider before committing to a membership. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide whether or not a Club Mahindra membership is worth it for you and your family.

Want to know the process of How to book club Mahindra membership

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