How to transfer airtel broadband connection to another name | Airtel broadband transfer from one place to another

How to transfer airtel broadband connection to another name | Airtel broadband transfer from one place to another

When I was shifting my room to another location then I was facing a problem which was transferring my airtel broadband connection.

Transferring any broadband connection is not easy it feels like a very difficult and very frustrating deal. But Somehow, I had successfully transferred my connection from one place to another place.

Because we do not have much information about how we can get it transferred. To make such information available to you people, we write such articles so that your expensive time not waste and the work is also completed.

So in this article, I am going to share my experience and solution to your query which is How to transfer airtel broadband connection to another name. We will also tell you what is the difference between Airtel and Jio and how weak Airtel is in comparison to Jio.

So make sure to Read the article very carefully and do not miss any step.

How to transfer your Airtel broadband connection

Well, there are three ways to transfer your airtel broadband connection.

  •  Customer care of Airtel 
  •  Airtel nearby office (Offline)
  •  Airtel thanks app

Customer care to change broadband connection

Airtel Customer Care is always available to help customers with any issues with my experience they may always have a solution with their Airtel fiber connection.

If customers need Airtel broadband transfer from one place to another, they can contact Airtel Customer Care to help them through the process. Customer care representatives are always available to help with any questions or concerns.

They will make sure that the customer’s fiber connection is transferred as quickly and easily as possible.

Here, are 3 numbers to contact airtel customer care:

  • 121
  • 1925
  • 198

When you call on this number you just have to say mam/sir my query is How to shift airtel broadband connection.

So these are Airtel’s customer care numbers, where you can put in a request to transfer your Airtel connection and along with this, you will get a solution for all your problems with Airtel.

How to shift airtel broadband connection.

Airtel broadband transfer from one place to another

Often we have to transfer from city to city, sometimes due to a job and sometimes due to some other reason. That’s why we have to transfer our airtel broadband connection from the city to the city.

So Transferring a Broadband connection from one place to another can be much more difficult. But Don’t worry we are here to make it easy like butter.

Airtel nearby office to transfer connection of airtel broadband.

With the introduction of Airtel 4G and 5G, Airtel has expanded its network across the country. In many cities, the company has officially announced the expansion of its 4G And 5G connection transfer service, while in other cities, such as Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Karnataka, west Bengal, etc.

Airtel is already making its customers happy by doing more services for its customers. However, you can check with Airtel to see whether airtel’s nearby office is available in the area you live.

And you can search such nearby offices of airtel to shift your connection on Google Map

Follow The steps:

  • Open Google maps
  • Go to the search bar
  • Search airtel nearby offices
  • Choose an office into the 1 km range
  • Don’t forget to turn on your location.

If you’re from any town or village, then you can go to any cyber cafe as well. They will help you to shift your airtel broadband connection.

There is no such assurance that we can get our Airtel Broadband connection shifted by these two methods, but with the last method which I am going to tell you now, you can definitely shift your Airtel Broadband connection.

Best way to transfer airtel broadband connection [100% work]

Airtel has come up with an app called “Airtel Thanks” that allows customers to transfer their airtel fiber connection to a new address as well without doing any paperwork and leaving their comfort zone.

This is a great move by Airtel, as it makes it much easier for customers to move their connection to a new address.

Airtel Thanks app to transfer airtel fiber connection

There are a few simple steps that need to be followed in order to transfer the connection, and the entire process can be completed within a few minutes.

This is a great convenience for customers, and it is sure to make Airtel even more popular in the coming days.

Follow The steps below:-

  • Step 1.) Open the Airtel thanks app
  • Step 2.) Click on the Broadband option
  • Step 3.) Scroll
  • Step 4.) You will see the Shift Connection option
  • Step 5.) Click on the Shift connection option
  • Step 6.) Select Your reference “Within city or Different city”
  • Step 7.) Click on proceed After Selecting the city
  • Step 8.) Enter your City Name
  • Step 9.) Enter Your New Installation address.
  • Step 10.) Click on (check Feasibility)
  • Step 11.) Scheduled Your Installation
  • Step 12.) Click On (confirm Installation)

And Then, you will get a message that We are glad to confirm your airtel fiber Connection is feasible at your new address. Our Engineer will Call you within 24 Hours.

You Get your Shifting Request Number, Airtel Fixed Line number, and Your Registered Time and Date.

Then you will get a call from an engineer within 24 hours who will confirm your request one more time and will confirm your address and will give you complete detailed information about when the engineer will come and how much time it will take.

Boom!! your fiber connection has been transferred.

Airtel vs Jio [ Best Comparison: ]

Now we will talk about which will be the best and most durable fiber connection between Airtel and Jio.

Because we put articles of such work on this website only for the benefit of the people, we want that both money and time of the people should be saved and add some value to their life.

Advance rental systemPrepaid and Postpaid ✔
Installation Cost ( if you choose the monthly plan)Only 3 Months Recharge
up to 200MB/psup to 150MB/ps
No Live tvNo Live tv ✔


So, In Today’s article, we have discussed Airtel broadband transfer from one place to another and also We have given the 3 most effective solutions to your query which was How to transfer airtel broadband connection to another name.

Airtel Broadband is a very good broadband connection. It offers many facilities to the users. It is one of the best broadband service providers in India. It offers many facilities through its broadband service. It has different packages and plans for users. The users can choose their desired plan as per their requirements. Although we Had Also Talk About jio and the same Services With Jio.

We hope this article will add some value to your life and save you precious time. If you really like it then please consider giving feedback.

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